Wood Staining

Solid Color Stain Finishes

Stained surface woods must be regularly maintained against the fluctuating Colorado weather.  Loveland Paint Pals uses a selection of solid color stains that will keep your wood protected and looking great.

Because of the specialization required for professional staining our experience and training allow us to provide you with top quality work that not only is going to look great but last.  Stains are much different that paints and provide protection by soaking into the surface rather than providing an outer coating like paints.  Because of this there is often less prep work associated with stains and finishes, unless the wood has been severely weathered and needs extensive sanding.

Depending on the surface prep can vary for stains and finishes.  In most cases prep work for stains requires a simple pressure wash and sometimes basic sanding of the surface.  Power washing is even more important with stains not only to clean the surface, but also remove any oxidization or sunspots within the wood.  Sanding is sometimes necessary, more so for aesthetic appeal, but does help to provide a better finish surface to apply the stain.

In special circumstances it may require the complete removal of the existing stain before being able to apply a finish coat.  This is done either with the use of chemicals or by thorough sanding.

With stains it is important to use proper staining technique to provide a consistent and professional finish coat.  Typically we recommend brushing and rolling stains to work the product into the surface and because of the unique properties of stains. After everything has been completed we then do a visual inspection with you to ensure complete satisfaction.

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Our Process

  • First it is vital to ensure a clean surface in which to apply the stain or finish of choice. For normal circumstances of removing dirt and debris we recommend a simple pressure wash of all service areas. However for areas of special concern regarding heavily weathered wood or situations of mold and mildew we recommend adding a cleaning solution to the pressure washing process.
  • After ensuring a clean surface in which to apply the stain or finish it will then necessary to perform any prep work required to promote a lasting and quality job. In most instances the prep work for a stained project is minimal. However, for some situations it will be necessary to scrape any peeling or excess stain from the surface and sand such areas. For smooth wood surfaces such as decks, doors, and interior woods most prep work will consist of sanding the service area to promote a clean and professional final look.
  • Once all service areas have been properly cleaned and prepped, it is now time to apply the stain or finish coat. This is only done after all fixtures and exterior amenities have been masked as required, and plants, walkways, rooflines, etc. have been covered with drop sheets. After this has been done, our experienced painters will apply the stain, typically with the use of brushes and rollers or it can be applied with the use of an airless sprayer. After all service areas have been stained we then care of any touchups or inconsistencies throughout the project.

Recommended Products

We specialize in the use of high quality solid color stains because of their high durability, excellent coverage, and ability to provide lasting protection. Our recommended brand names include a variety of stains from Sherwin Williams, Diamond Vogel, and Behr. Ask a Paint Pal today about our specialized staining services, including the use of latex based stain products.

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