Loveland Paint Pals is dedicated to providing quality painting services at a great price. We have a two 2 year written guarantee to ensure that the paint was applied properly. Loveland Paint Pals is passionate about making sure our customers are completely satisfied, and we have testimonials and a portfolio to back it up.

Loveland Paint Jobs

“I was so pleased with the entire process. Loveland Paint Pals were so attentive to every detail from setting my expectations of how their process works, the type of preparation they would be doing prior to painting, and then delivering a really nice paint job.” I will definitely recommend Loveland Paint Pals to my friends and family.”
Carol in Loveland.

Exterior Paint Jobs

“My biggest gripe with painters I’ve used in the past is that they tend to drip and apply paint where it doesn’t belong.  Once it dries, it’s a pain to remove.  Not only did the Paint Pals do a terrific job preparing and painting my house, but I didn’t find a single drip of paint anywhere.  Really nice guys to work with also.”

Interior Paint Jobs

Commercial Paint Jobs

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