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Interior of a Living room. Painting in Loveland, CO

Whether your painting your whole interior, or just a few rooms Loveland Paint Pals is here to meet your interior painting needs.  Let us handle the stress and provide you with a superior interior paint service.

Interior painting can be broken down into three stages; prep work, body painting, and trim painting.  To provide a lasting paint job, proper preparation is very important.


  • Preparation for painting an interior in Loveland, CO. First, we carefully remove any pictures or items from the walls, and move furniture and other objects out of the way. We then ensure that all surfaces not to be painted are fully masked off.


  • To maximize coverage and consistency Loveland Paint Pals removes or masks wall hardware. This includes removing light and receptacle coverings, fixtures, and electrical switch and plug plates, etc.


  • Cleaning the interior of a Loveland home before painting. In certain situations it may be necessary to spot clean the walls, or  thoroughly clean the walls where cigar or cigarette smoke has been present. We also remove any wall paper, or re-texture damaged areas. Regardless of the circumstances, we inspect service areas to ensure cleanliness and to provide a competent painting surface.


  • Loveland House Painting preparation.Occasionally, peeling paint may occur inside your house, especially in bathrooms or  where moisture or extreme humidity is present. If this is the case it is necessary to remove any flaking and peeling paint and prime any bare areas before painting. However, the majority of actual prep work typically consists of caulking any cracks and repairing minor damage and abandoned nail holes.


  • After masking, cleaning and the surface preparation  has been completed, it is time to apply the paint finish.  For most interiors, we typically recommend a two coat system starting with a primer coat followed by a rolled finish paint coat. Depending on your preference we can either apply the paint with the use of brushes, rollers, and/or in certain situations through the use of an airless sprayer. For most interior paint jobs we recommend rolling. Various techniques may be used, but our main focus is to provide thorough paint coverage.


  • After the main body coat of paint has been applied Loveland Paint Pals then paints the trim using brushes and rollers for a quality finish.  Once painting is completed, we then do a walk through inspection to ensure that you are thoroughly satisfied with the results.
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