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House painting Loveland, CO

Your house is often your most valuable investment, and it’s critical to regularly paint your home’s exterior to maintain it’s value. Water penetration into your siding and trim can be costly to replace. We recommend using the highest quality exterior painting materials to ensure long lasting protection and durability. Loveland Paint Pals exterior painting services will typically last from five to eight years, and often longer with a premium quality paint.

Typically, an exterior paint job can be broken down into three main components: prep work, body painting and trim painting. Often times, it is the prep work and the exterior paint’s quality that is going to dictate the longevity of your paint job. Because of the harsh Colorado  weather, it is even more important to ensure adequate prep work.

Preparation and Painting

  • Power wash for painting a house Loveland. First, to ensure a quality painting surface and to provide effective paint adhesion,  we thoroughly wash your home with a high pressure washer, removing all grime, chipped paint, and debris. When necessary, we also employ a chemical wash to remove mold and mildew.
  • Peeling paint for painting a house Loveland. It is important to remove any failing paint and provide a clean painting surface. All flaking or loose paint is completely scraped from the house.  Remaining bare wood and imperfections are sanded smooth and primed.
  • Caulking before painting a house Loveland.Cracks and holes throughout the siding can be a serious and destructive problem.  Because of this, we use high quality and long lasting caulking and spackle to fill any cracks or holes along the house.  By sealing openings across the exterior, we are able to prevent moisture from causing permanent damage or dry rot to your home and creating costly repairs.
  • Next, it is crucial to prime all bare wood, or in certain circumstances prime the entire house. This will depend on the age and current condition of your home’s paint and underlying surface.  Regardless, we spot prime all bare wood with a brush and always recommend the highest quality primer.  If you’re looking for quality and a lasting paint job, the use of quality primer is critical.  In special situations for higher quality and increased longevity we recommend our full-prime option, encasing the entire house in primer, followed up with finish coat.
  • Trim Painting Loveland, COWe take special care during our masking process to ensure non-painted surfaces are adequately protected.  This is important to provide a clean and professional job.
  • Upon final completion of the prep work and masking, it is then important to provide a lasting and quality finish coat.  There are a variety of ways to go about this whether it is brushing, rolling or spraying the paint onto the surface, but it is always your choice.
  • All trim painting is done by hand with the use of brushes and rollers, to provide a quality finish.
  • Upon completion we then conduct a final inspection to eliminate any touch-ups, blemishes, or inconsistencies across your project. After this, we tour you around the site to ensure your complete satisfaction and that we have met your expectations.
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