About 10% of ALL paint bought in the U.S. ends up getting thrown out, and the majority of that paint is for homes. That’s over 60,000,000 gallons of paint. Here at Loveland Paint Pals, we recommend keeping your left over paint in case you need touch ups and in case you ever want to repaint your house in the same color. Paint stores often discontinue colors because the roll out a new color deck every 4-5 years, and your old paint color may be hard to find or perhaps next time you paint you want to use a different brand of paint, if you have the old paint can you can just bring that to the paint store and have them make the same color as last time.

It was the Greek philosopher Plato who discovered that you can mix two different colors together to create a third. We have modern Plato’s in all the paint stores to mix together any combination of colors you can think of to create something unique just for you.

You should never pour paint down the drain, or into the sewer or into the trash can. Paint requires special disposal. Most paint can be recycled at the location you bought it. If the paint is latex based, it can be dried out with kitty litter or sand and then left to dry in the sun; once it is hard, you can throw it out with the trash. If you can’t find a place to dispose of your paint, check your city website for tips.

In the United States, lead based paint was banned for use in residential paints in 1978, but many other countries banned it prior to 1920. If your home was previously painted with lead based paint, there are certain precautions and procedures that will need to be followed in order to ensure a safe painting process for the homeowner, the painters, and the environment. These include using a scraper to get the flaking paint off and not a power washer, as well as putting down tarps to collect the paint chips so they don’t go down the sewer or or into the grass or soil and harm the earth.

Among the Aztecs, some say that red pigmented painted was regarded as more valuable than gold. There are over 40 shades of red and over 35 shades of yellow, which includes gold. At Loveland Paint Pals we allow you to get as many test quarts as you need to make sure the right shade of whatever color you are wanting to use on your house is exactly what you had in mind. If you are interested in getting the exterior of your house painted, please contact the Loveland Paint Pals team to get a free estimate!